About Friar Luciano


Member of the permanent council of the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF) that oversees its twenty-five affiliates worldwide.  

As the Fraternity – Humanitarian Federation Secretary-General, personally accompanies all sectors of intervention and services rendered by its dedicated core volunteer team worldwide, including, since August 2017, the Venezuelan humanitarian mission in the state of Roraima in Brazil, together with Operation Welcome, the humanitarian response of the Brazilian Government in partnership with the UNHCR until December 2021.  

In May 2021, inaugurated in Roraima the Indigenous Cultural and Training Centre (CCFI) developed by the Fraternity - Humanitarian Federation in Roraima, currently expanding capacity-building initiatives for the indigenous population together with Operation Welcome.

Friar Luciano is a key liaison between the humanitarian actors, the local governments, and the private sector, building and inspiring partnerships to implement lasting and dignified solutions for the migrant populations and local communities.  

In 2020 and 2021, respectively, were appointed as the Sphere Standards and the INEE Focal Point in Brazil and Portugal.  Moreover, manages the Fraternity – Humanitarian Association in Portugal, Greece, and Geneva.

March 2022 joined the Sphere Association (Geneva) co-op council.

Friar Luciano has conducted over a thousand lectures, both nationally and internationally, inside and outside the Figueira Light Community, and is the author of two books.

Friar Luciano is a consecrated monk of the Grace Mercy Order, one of the Fraternity – Humanitarian Federation affiliates, not connected to any formal religion or religious institution. As an instructor and writer, Friar Luciano has played an important role in sharing his wide range of knowledge and a life devoted to selfless service.  

Holds dual citizenship, Italian and Brazilian.